Hotel Booking Mistakes that You Could be Making

Booking a hotel for your business trip or even family vacation seems just so easy with online booking facilities. People do it all the time! However, what seems so simple at times can be fraught with mistakes. There are some very common mistakes people are known to be making when booking their hotel in Estrie or like the French say hotel en Estrie. You could be making these mistakes.

Expecting the Best Room

Most people expect to get the best available room when they are making bookings through an online aggregator or through an online travel agency. However, the hotels can be assigning the regular rooms to such clients because of the commission sharing agreement. They may be reserving their best rooms for regular clients or the ones who come to them directly bypassing other channels.

Not Verifying the Check In and Check Out Time

Different hotels have different check in and check out times. While some follow 11 am as a standard for all their rooms, some may have 9 am. And then there may be some hotels who have different timings for different types of rooms and travellers. It may happen that your hotel has 9 am as the check out time and you check out at 11 not knowing about it. In this case, you end up paying one day’s tariff extra.

Not Using Credit Card to Make the Booking

Credit cards often offer high number loyalty points or rewards for hotel bookings made through credit card. You may be losing out on free stays or free meals or even cash bonuses offered by your credit card company on hotel booking just because you are using your debit card.

Not Verifying the Name Properly

It is quite possible that the hotel that you have selected as two types of branches – one for the family vacationers and one for the business travellers. The services, room accommodations, and the tariffs will be different at both these branches. What may create confusion here for you is that they may both be using the same brand name with addition of a single word like ‘premium’ or ‘luxury’ marking the different. However, unaware of this distinction you may overlook this last word and end up booking a room in the wrong branch.

So next time you prepare for your travel, be a little more careful when booking a hotel room.


Post Author: Errol Erwin