Make the Best Use of a Working Vacation

Today more and more people take “working vacations” where they combine a trip to a selected location – often one that is a popular and attractive travel destination – with a work or business-related purpose.  That purpose can be anything from some continuing education or seminars to professional meetings to job bids or presentations or detailed research.  Such trips usually require travelling to some place a distance away from the regular workplace and a stay in a high-quality hotel or motel and sometimes even a luxury resort.  Usually the selected working vacation locale is one with top communications facilities.  Most have office workstations with desktop computers, printers, WIFI, stationery and office supplies like those found at Office Depot.  You can relax in your hotel room, exercise in the gym, swim in the pool, eat in the restaurant, and have a drink after dinner at the hotel bar.  And go to the meeting or training session you went to attend.

You can often get more work done during one of these trips than you can during the traditional 40-hour 5-day work week.  This is because you have the space exclusively available to yourself, without the daily distractions of the workplace.  You can take advantage of a Groupon to see that you have the supplies and equipment you need to work exclusively from your hotel suite.  You can even bring along your personal laptop and system – connect with your home office and co-workers, and put in your time at your personal pace.  Knowing the time frame and deadline enables you to work with the objective to achieve your work while in an environment with a minimum of distractions.

At the same time, such an approach requires substantial discipline.  You must know whether you can afford the time you lose by watching a movie on the hotel cable TV, or taking a couple of swigs at the bar while listening to folks talk or watching a ballgame.  After all, it is supposed to be a working vacation.  The boss won’t be happy if you come up short on that report you’re researching.  You can use your Groupon for obtaining quality electronic equipment and save as much as 50% off the list price.  But you’ll never find one that will buy you a good excuse.

Post Author: Errol Erwin